Investment Opportunities

Tanzania is an emerging economy with high growth potential. The economy is relatively diversified and there are a number of opportunities that remain untapped in many sectors. Moreover, continuous improvements towards the creation of an enabling environment have been made to make Tanzania the preferred destination for foreign direct investment. Tanzania has also put in place fiscal and non-fiscal investment incentives to provide a soft landing platform to all investors during the initial stage of project implementation. The Tanzania Investment Act 1997, the Export Processing Zone Act 2002, the Mining Act 1998; Petroleum Exploration and Production Act 1980 and the Special Economic Zones Act 2005, are the four major schemes/legislations that provide incentives to interested investors to the country.


In a nutshell, here are Seven key reasons to invest in Tanzania


Potential Investment Area at Julius Nyerere International Airport includes:-

  • Aircraft maintenance hanger
  • Convention center
  • Shopping mall
  • Four star hotel

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