Step 4 - Passport Control

After the security control and check -in, passengers must go through passport control. These are the requirements:

  1. Tanzanian citizens: passport and boarding card.
  2. Foreign nationals: passport, visa, boarding card, embarkation card.
  3. Before travelling, check if the passport is still valid for 6 months.

In international practice, most countries and territories may refuse entry to a foreign visitor if his/her passport expire less than six months after the date of arrival. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation reminds all Tanzanian passport holders to check in advance their passport validity for at least six months before commencing their journey. If the remaining validity period of your passport is insufficient, please renew your passport to the nearest office of Immigration Services Department of The United Republic of Tanzania (if you are residing or travelling abroad).

For more information contacts are below:

Service number: +255-22-398-5010, extensions 7401–7405.

Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine

Passengers wishing to take animals, plants or related products out of Tanzania should first visit the departures or Cargo offices of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine for export inspection.

Depending on your country and region of origin, an import inspection following baggage retrieval may be required if you are bringing meat, fruit, animals, or plants into Tanzania.

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